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On October 13, 1977, I was born in a small apartment and physically abandoned by my biological mother in Prince Rupert, BC. My first registered name was Bonnie Vanessa Hope. I also had 5 other name variations as my mysterious life was processed through different government agencies. I was adopted to a family in the Lower Mainland and always sought the answers to why I lived. My search was woven into my life, akin to a hobby. I've always had a busy and eclectic life, and not just because I was abandoned at birth. With many odds stacked against me, I expected more from myself as I simultaneously built my career and family. My youngest son was the first Mental Health Ambassador for Children's Hospital Foundation in Vancouver and my oldest son is a gifted, self taught musician. I've managed organizations and media relations in sectors such as Law, Technology, Real Estate, Not-for-Profit, and High Net Worth Individuals / Family Offices. I am currently in the High Net Worth sector and Vice-President for a Technology Company.

Since my mid-twenties, I have been an advocate for adoptees' rights and delivered many keynote speeches in order to highlight the issues and roadblocks that we face in the Adoption Community. I am the Canadian Ambassador for the Garden of Innocence, an organization that provides dignified burials for abandoned babies. I am also working with the Minister of Justice's Office to change the Criminal Code for Abandonment and Preservation of Life.

I have travelled to over 100 countries and supported many orphanages in North Africa, South America and Eastern Europe. I have a boundless energy for life, even amid my findings of the largest serial abandonment known on this planet. I am in reunion with my biological father and his wonderful wife, as well as paternal relatives in Norway. My legal name change in 2018 is to reflect my paternal family name and honor my Great-Grandmother. I am currently writing a book and often submit pieces for Adoption magazines and resources. I am a practicing lay Buddhist. 

Today, I live in a peaceful landscape in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island with my partner, my youngest son (currently in University) and our beloved 8 year old pug.


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