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In 2015, I studied an intensive Integrity course at the Zayed University in the United Arab Emirates. This was only taught under the principles of Michael Jensen's work "Integrity, without it, nothing works."

"An individual is whole and complete when their word is whole and complete, and their word is whole and complete when they honor their word,"


He also discusses the costs of lacking integrity and the fallacy of using a cost/benefit analysis when deciding whether to honor your word. Key concepts include:

  • The personal and organizational benefits of honoring one's word are huge—both for individuals and for organizations—and generally unappreciated.

  • We can honor our word in one of two ways: by keeping it on time and as promised, or if that becomes impossible, by owning up to the parties counting on us to keep our word in advance and cleaning up the mess our failure to keep our word creates in their lives.

  • By failing to honor our word to ourselves, we undermine ourselves as persons of integrity, and create "unworkability" in our lives.

  • Integrity is a necessary but not sufficient condition for maximum performance.

  • There are unrecognized but significant costs to associating with people and organizations that lack integrity.


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